Student Dress Code

Each class has a recommended attire that prepares students for dance. Families can purchase items through our online shop nimbly provider ( link below) or with any online or local store that sells dance attire.

Creative Movements / Tiny Tots Ballet 
Ballet Shoes_pic.jpg


  • Pink or purple leotard

  • Pink tights

  • Pink Ballet shoes 

 Tap & Ballet Combo

 Jazz & Ballet Combo


  • Lite blue leotard

  • Tan and or Pink tights

  • Tan tap shoes - for Tap

  • Tan Jazz Shoes -for Jazz

  • Pink Ballet shoes - All classes

  • Hair in a ponytail or bun

Tap, Ballet, Jazz Trio 


  • Black leotard

  • Tan and or pink tights

  • Tan Jazz shoes 

  • Tan Tap shoes 

  • Pink Ballet shoes

  • Hair in a ponytail or bun

Hip Hop
  • Dancers ages 5 and up

  • Loose fitting t-shirt and shorts

  • Sneakers with non marking soles

  • Hair in a ponytail




  • Black leotard

  • tan or black tights for jazz/tap

  • Pink tights for ballet days

  • Hair must be in a bun for ballet


Lyrical half sole shoe_pic_edited.jpg
Contemporary Jazz
  • Black Leotard/ tan stirrup tights
  • Lyrical half sole shoe
  • Hair in pony tail or bun
Acro / Tumbling 
  • Leotard/ NO tights
  • Hair in pony tail
little boy dance attire_edited_edited.jpg
Boy's Class 
  • White Top 
  • Black Shorts or Pants 
  • Black Dance Shoes for all classes  (Ballet, Jazz, Tap)